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    Leaders On Board Program

    Leaders On Board Program

Leaders On Board Program

The Leaders On Board Program is a comprehensive nonprofit board governance course designed for employees and professionals. It provides you with what you need to know when serving on a nonprofit board.

We help your organization upskill employees with:

- Transferable leadership competencies
- Knowledge of governance skills and procedures
- Understanding of the purpose-driven social sector



Created for busy professionals and free of academic jargon



Self-paced and accessible anytime, anywhere on desktop and mobile browsers



High-quality lessons woven with BoardSource real-life case studies presented in an engaging manner

Program Details

Module 1: What Exactly Are Nonprofits?

  • Lesson 1: What are Nonprofits? Features of Nonprofits.
  • Lesson 2: Types of Nonprofits. Comparing Nonprofits & Businesses.
  • Lesson 3: The Canadian Nonprofit Sector. Canadian Legal Environment for Nonprofits. Legally Distinguish Charities & Nonprofits.
  • Lesson 4: Nonprofit's Lifecycle Stages.

Module 2: What Is Governance?

  • Lesson 1: What Is Governance? What is a Board of Directors?
  • Lesson 2: Why is Good Governance Important? Governance vs Management.
  • Lesson 3: Three Modes of Good Governance: Fiduciary, Strategic & Generative.
  • Lesson 4: Three Models for Board Governance: Working, Governance-Only & Mixed Model.

Module 3: Ten Board Responsibilities

  • Lesson 1: One: Determine Mission. Two: Select CEO.
  • Lesson 2: Three: Manage the CEO. Four: Undertake Strategic Thinking.
  • Lesson 3: Five: Monitor & Evaluate Programs. Six: Ensure Adequate Financial Resources.
  • Lesson 4: Seven: Provide Financial Oversight. Eight: Build a Competent Board.
  • Lesson 5: Nine: Ensure Legal & Ethical Integrity. Ten: Enhance Nonprofit's Public Standing.

Module 4: Primary Duties of Board Directors

  • Lesson 1: Fiduciary Duty. What is Conflict of Interest? Why Conflicts of Interest Should Concern Boards.
  • Lesson 2: Conflict of Interest: Tools & Strategies. Tips for Avoiding Conflict of Interest.
  • Lesson 3: Duty of Care: Compliance, Transparency & Accountability. The Business Judgment Rule.
  • Lesson 4: Liabilities & Risk Management. Types of Risk. Ways to Reduce Risk & Liability.

Module 5: Five Main Responsibilities of Board Directors

  • Lesson 1: Be Committed to the Mission.
  • Lesson 2: Attend Board Meetings.
  • Lesson 3: Develop Staff Relationships.
  • Lesson 4: Support Fundraising.
  • Lesson 5: Serve as Ambassador.

Module 6: Impact of Serving. Guide Questions to Finding the Right Board

  • Lesson 1: Impact of Serving: Personal Benefits. Employer Benefits. Nonprofit Benefits.
  • Lesson 2: Questions to Ask Yourself.
  • Lesson 3: Questions to Ask the Nonprofit. Questions the Nonprofit May Ask You.

Meet Your Instructor

Josephine Yam, Skills4Good CEO & Co-Founder

Josephine Yam
CEO & Co-Founder, Skills4Good
AI Lawyer & AI Ethicist

RBC Top 25 Winner
FWN Global

Josephine Yam, JD, LLM, MA Philosophy (AI Ethics)

Josephine is a passionate advocate of equity, diversity & inclusion in order to advance fairness, accountability and sustainability in this AI-driven world. As a woman, visible minority and immigrant, she aims to leverage her expertise in AI law and AI ethics to advocate for equity, fairness and social justice towards building a sustainable, human-centred world.

She is one of the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awardees. She is also a recipient of the Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World Award in London, UK.

She’s been admitted to practice law in New York (USA), Alberta (Canada), Ontario (Canada) and the Philippines. Prior to Skills4Good, Josephine acquired enriching knowledge and experience as a lawyer with a global law firm practicing IT/IP law, Senior Legal Counsel with the government’s Justice Department and CEO of an environmental law charity.

Josephine graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business’ Executive Program. She recently completed her Master of Arts in Philosophy degree specializing in AI Ethics at the University of Guelph. She also has a Master of Laws degree at the University of Calgary. She pursued advanced legal education at Harvard Law School and the University of Toronto. She also received the Award of Achievement in Diversity & Inclusion from the University of British Columbia. She obtained her undergraduate and Juris Doctor Degree of Law degree from the Ateneo De Manila University. Her personal website is josephinevyam.com.

Kind Words About the Program

Quotation Mark

“The Skills4Good/B3 online governance program was very thorough and touched on many relevant topics. I recommend this course to my colleagues at RBC.”
- - - Stephanie Breitman, Senior Credit Analyst, RBC

“Skills4Good/B3’s level of service and professionalism is top-notch. I liked their very high touch service and online board training. They made sure I understood everything and were there for me every step of the way. They really match personal passion to nonprofits. I give them an excellent rating and highly recommend them to my colleagues at LGM.”
- - - Diana Ricketts, VP of Strategic Partnerships, LGM Financial Services

“The quality of the Skills4Good/B3 board matching program was excellent. I liked their personalized service, their online videos and their prompt response times. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Enbridge.”
- - - Laszlo Varsanyi, Vice President, Enbridge

“The Leaders on Board course covered a wide range of topics and was organized in a way that didn’t feel overwhelming. It was practical and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”
- - - Ben Winograd, Senior Director, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

“Everyone at Skills4Good/B3 was very responsive and helpful. The board volunteer opportunities identified were very much what I was looking for and the Leaders on Board online course was interesting. I give them an excellent rating and highly recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Julianne Osberg, Senior Counsel, Shell Canada

"I found the Leaders on Board online course very practical and convenient to take. It was very clear, organized and easy to understand."
- - - Ramon Yarde, Vice President, Equifax Canada

”Skills4Good/B3’s board governance course was a great introduction to boards and board services. Videos were clear and easy to understand. Case studies provide good examples to illustrate point. I recommend this course to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Alex Markos, Production Manager, Shell Canada

“B3’s online governance course was organized, clear & easy to understand. It was practical, convenient and affordable. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”
- - - Priscilla Sherwood, Director, Dentons Canada

Quotation Mark

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

We designed this course for professionals like you who want to learn or even brush up on the practical fundamentals of what a board director needs to know before serving on a nonprofit board.

Many professionals like you want practical information on nonprofit board governance free from academic jargon. You’re so busy that you want a high-quality course that’s self-paced, relatively quick to complete and packed with comprehensive information. You want a high-quality course that’s affordable and easy on the pocket.

So we created this "Leaders on Board " program with you in mind. It's practical, convenient and affordable. No prior experience in boards is required.

When will I have access to the course?

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll have immediate access to all the 25 High Definition Videos, 6 quick quizzes, 8 Bonus BoardSource Materials and 6 lists of Additional Resources.

How much time do I need?

It’s a self-guided online course so you can take it at your own pace anytime and anywhere.

The course is comprised of 25 High Definition Videos, 6 quick quizzes, 8 Bonus BoardSource Materials and 6 lists of Additional Resources.

We designed the program lessons in short segments so that you can take each lesson in about ten minutes or less. It will take about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete.

How long can I access the course?

You can access the course for 30 days from the date of your enrolment in the course. If you do not earn your course completion certificate within 30 days, your registration will expire and you will need to pay to re-enroll for the course.

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

You can request a full refund or cancellation up to 14 calendar days after confirmation of your paid enrolment, provided:

  • You have not started any lesson in the course; or
  • You have not downloaded any course materials.

After 14 days, if you have already started a lesson or have downloaded any course material, you will not be entitled to any refund or cancellation from Skills4Good.

What is your copyright policy?

You can review our copyright policy through this link: https://skills4good.com/copyright/

Do I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. After you complete the course, you can request to receive a Certificate of Completion for the course. We will send the certificate to you within 5 business days.

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