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CBA Feature: Why We Do What We Do
(And How To Change It)

By Skills4Good Media Team

2018 September 14

Lynne Yryku, CCCA Executive Editor, interviews B3 Canada CEO, Josephine Victoria Yam, for the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA)’s Fall 2018 magazine. The CCCA is a section of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), the essential ally and advocate of the 35,000 lawyers in Canada.

In her article "Why We Do What We Do (and How to Change It)", Yryku interviews Josephine on the power of volunteering as a way to expand mindsets to spur innovative thinking:

"There are ways for you to develop your mental model and expand your perspective outside of the workplace… Volunteering is also a great option. For example, Yam's company, B3 Canada, works with large corporations to match and train employees to serve on non-profit boards. She sees her mission as changing the world “because if employees continue to just work for themselves and discuss things among themselves, there is the danger of group-think.”

By volunteering on boards, “it gives employees an open, curious mindset that allows them to be exposed to different ideas and to people who are very different from themselves in many ways. So when they come back to the company, they bring in new ideas and new skills, and they're more creative and innovative. And more importantly, they've developed empathy.”

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