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“This board experience allows me to give back to the community on a cause I am very passionate about - ending global hunger - while cultivating my leadership skills and growing my network.”

Stephanie Breitman, Senior Credit Analyst, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Empathy is a business imperative that leads to tangible bottom line impact. It engages and retains top talent. It drives change and business performance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has alarmingly increased the number of people suffering from anxiety, depression and stress. One way of managing one’s mental health is through volunteering.

“My board service provides me with a rewarding sense of satisfaction knowing I’m contributing my time and energy to an organization that provides so much joy to so many people.”

Julia Stadnyk
Senior Legal Counsel
Shell Canada

“Serving on a nonprofit board is an excellent opportunity to learn and expand my network with like-minded individuals. I also share in the accomplishments of the nonprofit I serve.”

Christine Neff
CLN Consulting

“My experience working at RBC allows me to effectively contribute to the Board. I feel joy knowing that my contributions are helping to advance equality and empower women to effect positive change.”

Jodi Wright
Director, Strategy & Transformation Services
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

"Board service has exposed me to a diverse group of experienced individuals. It has also challenged my collaboration and influencing skills and has expanded my personal growth.”

Rebecca Grant
Finance Advisor
Shell Canada

“Serving on Aventa's board has been a very positive experience. I feel connected to my community with my involvement in an organization that does good work. I’m able to give back to the community and set a good example for my kids.”

Melissa LaForge

“The opportunity to give back in a meaningful way to an organization that I am passionate about means I am one step closer to living out my true purpose.”

Diana Ricketts
Vice President
LGM Financial

Skill4Good is committed to supporting corporate-nonprofit collaboration during these challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve also compiled resources to address the issues you face as a corporate board volunteer and nonprofit.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020 with its #EachForEqual campaign, it is discouraging to realize that progress on gender equality on boards has been painfully slow. What actions can we take to move the needle faster on gender equal boardrooms?

This Global Impact partnership enables Skills4Good to expand its skills-based volunteering platform to U.S. companies and nonprofits.

“Joining a nonprofit board pays back three-fold. It pays you as an executive as you learn, grow and build your experiences. It pays your company, because you become a better executive. Finally, it pays your volunteer organization, because you bring corporate best-practices to the nonprofit.”

Laszlo Varsanyi
Vice President

When Catalyst posed this question to employees, why did they struggle to describe what inclusion actually felt like?

“Serving on a nonprofit board develops innovation and creativity in my thought processes. It provides me with tremendous personal growth by exposing me to diverse perspectives and thought, while contributing to a cause that I am passionate about.”

Alex Markos
Operations Manager
Shell Canada

The era of diversity as a "check the box" initiative owned by HR is over. So here are three D&I strategies that companies are implementing to create a truly inclusive culture.

“Learning-by-doing” is one of the most powerful ways that employees develop leadership skills as compared to studying. Thus, many companies around the world are incorporating skills-based volunteering (SBV) programs into their talent and leadership development goals.

"I have always wanted to be a board director of a nonprofit that supports the needs of my local community in positive ways.It’s rewarding to be able to share my accounting knowledge so that the organization spends less on accounting services and more on funding community programs."

Eddie McWhirter,CPA,CGA
Executive Vice President
LGM Financial Services Inc.

Equifax Canada is pleased to partner with Skills4Good (formerly B3 Canada) to provide emerging leaders from Equifax with an experiential leadership opportunity for professional growth through community building.

“The reason why I came to the summit is I want to immerse myself in the world of nonprofits… I’m here to really connect with all the wonderful people in the nonprofit sector so we can build a strong Canada.”

We’re thrilled to announce that B3 Canada rebranded its name to Skills4Good. While our mission remains the same, our new name reflects our bigger impact.

Skills4Good/B3 Canada is proud that Josephine is featured in Canada’s 2019 Asian Heritage Month celebrations. Being female, a visible minority and immigrant, Josephine is a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Empathy is necessary for an inclusive workplace culture. How do you build empathy? By supporting employee volunteering. Learn why there’s a direct correlation between volunteering and workplace empathy.

According to HR leaders, women are leaving their workplaces because of family demands. But women give a different reason for why they leave. What should workplaces do to stop them from leaving?

When employees cover at work, they downplay their uniqueness. They feel they don’t belong. When a company helps its employees express their authentic selves, they focus their attention on work, rather than hiding parts of themselves. A company’s uncovering efforts create a strong culture of inclusion.

companies around the world require their employees to take diversity training. Unfortunately, many employees resent being “coerced” into taking such training. Ironically, instead of reducing bias, diversity training has activated their bias against under-represented groups like women and people of colour.

A nonprofit board is the collective brain trust of every nonprofit. It should be comprised of individuals who bring the whole spectrum of perspectives of the beneficiaries that the nonprofit serves. Otherwise, how will board decisions respond to the needs of beneficiaries if their voices are absent in the board room?

Talk about taking board diversity to a whole new level. Imagine appointing an artificial intelligence (AI) machine to your organization's board of directors. Seems like an episode from Netflix’s Black Mirror, right? Yes. Except that it’s not.

According to McKinsey, companies with strong D&I cultures perform better than their competitors. They're better in attracting top talent. Better in customer understanding. Better in employee engagement and retention.

Josephine Yam, our CEO & Co-Founder, won the Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award! The award "recognizes Filipina women who have risen to the most influential positions around the world and are using their influence to make an impressive impact in society”.

Skills4Good/B3 Co-Founder & CEO, Josephine Victoria Yam, is featured in the Fall 2018 issue of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) and Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Magazine.

B3 Canada is thrilled that Josephine Yam, our CEO & Co-Founder, was selected as one of the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award winners! This prestigious award is a people’s choice award that celebrates "inspirational immigrants who have contributed to Canada and are helping to make our country a better place to live in”.

Many large companies are tackling the world's big, hairy and audacious social and economic development goals. These global goals are outlined in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They include ending extreme poverty, protecting our planet and eliminating gender inequality.

What does an effective leader look like in your mind? Whether you are male or female, it is likely that you saw a male person in your mind’s eye.As the New York Times reported, “both men and women almost always draw men” when asked to draw an effective leader. What’s going on here?

Skills4Good/B3 is ecstatic and honoured that Josephine Yam, our CEO & Co-Founder, has been nominated for the 10th annual RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Awards!

Unfortunately, many nonprofit boards still lack diversity in its various forms. This diversity gap is dangerous because boards may succumb to groupthink, a barrier to effective leadership and decision-making. So how do you diversify your board?

International Women's Day

Many companies have gender parity in middle management. But this gender parity disappears because only a few women move up to senior leadership roles. These companies know that it goes against well-documented evidence that more women in senior leadership roles correlates to better corporate performance.

The Conference Board of Canada

Serving on a nonprofit board involves a serious commitment of time and talent. To be successful as a board director, you need to know the principles of nonprofit governance, the role of the board, the responsibilities of board directors and how an effective board operates. Join us for this webinar.

Diversity and inclusion has become a CEO-level issue around the world. So what happens when a CEO does not prioritize diversity and inclusion?

Some nonprofit board directors apparently believe their business experiences alone can "fix a nonprofit’s inefficiencies”. Why? This stems from the erroneous notion that businesses are more efficient than nonprofits.

BoardSource is the leading organization in the U.S. focused on strengthening and supporting nonprofit board leadership. It tracks and analyzes trends in nonprofit board leadership. Here are highlights of yesterday’s 64-page report, “Leading with Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices”.

Shell Canada believes that in a country as large and diverse as Canada, we are stronger, happier and more productive as a community when we respect, value and support one another. “I’m excited about this partnership with B3,” says Michael Crothers, Shell Canada President and Country Chair. “In my experience, the most successful teams are built when diverse individuals with unique experiences choose to work together with a single purpose.”

Nonprofit boards should reflect the society that their nonprofits serve. By recruiting millennials to serve on your board, your nonprofit can greatly benefit from the millennials’ unique perspectives and experiences that consequently enrich your board’s strategic decisions in achieving your nonprofit’s mission.

Every board director has a fiduciary duty to avoid a conflict of interest. Each board director is required to fulfill her paramount legal duty to “act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the best interests of the organization”.** This legal duty is crucial to good board governance that every nonprofit deserves from its board of directors.

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and Skills4Good/B3 invite you to an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) webinar entitled: Lawyers On Board:
What You Need To Know Before Serving on a Non-Profit Board

Serving on a nonprofit board is not only a meaningful way to give back to the community, it is also a powerful way to build valuable leadership experience. While enhancing their Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand strategies, many large corporations and law firms consider our programs as solidly supporting their HR talent strategy to develop their high-potential employees.

We are pleased to announce B3 Canada’s new partnership with Women Get On Board (WGOB). WGOB is a leading member-based company based in Toronto that connects, promotes and empowers women to serve on corporate boards. WGOB advances gender diversity in corporate boards while Skills4Good/B3 advances the same in nonprofit boards.

International Women's Day

In Canada, we have so much to celebrate with the world today, International Women's Day 2017. After all, Canadian women have achieved impressive strides in the political, economic, academic, cultural and social domains of our society. In fact, the Canadian government knows that having more women on boards is a strategic competitive advantage for Canada nationally and internationally.

We're thrilled that our CEO & Co-Founder Josephine Yam was featured in the Edmonton Journal's Business Section / Capital Ideas! She was asked: What is the best way to test a business idea?

The recent Companies & Causes Canada Conference in Toronto showcased how many Canadian corporations are steadfastly doing well by doing good. Both the corporate and nonprofit sectors gathered together to explore how purposeful business-nonprofit collaboration.

Board leadership defines its culture. And if a board’s culture is more focused on creating meaningful social impact over mere compliance, that paves the way for inspired leadership to create a high performing nonprofit.

We're so happy and honoured to have our COO and Co-Founder Angelo Narciso featured by Capital Ideas and the Edmonton Journal in their Financial Post Section. Capital Ideas members were asked about their favourite low budget marketing tool.

When highly skilled professionals cross the divide from the for-profit world to serve on nonprofit boards, many of them are taken aback. They realize that they have grossly underestimated how tough it is to run a nonprofit organization.

Answering these questions will have a better idea of whether you are ready, willing and able to join a nonprofit board. Serving on a nonprofit board is an experience that can enrich your life as you work with highly skilled and experienced philanthropists committed to make a difference in the world.

Nonprofits are a force for good in society. And it is through high-performing boards, together with the Executive Director, that nonprofits can successfully address society’s most complex challenges and positively change the world.

After a decade from its inception, employer-supported volunteering (ESV) is now widely recognized as a way for Corporate Canada to meaningfully engage in local communities. Businesses believe that ESV strategically enables businesses, their employees and nonprofits to work together to achieve positive societal impacts in the world.

The diversity gap in nonprofit boards is undoubtedly a wasted opportunity. Why? Because a nonprofit board is the brains behind every nonprofit organization. This team of volunteer leaders wields the authority and influence to drive a nonprofit’s strategic direction, effective performance and social impacts.

Client Testimonials

Kind Words from Happy Clients

Quotation Mark

“I’m excited about this partnership with Skills4Good. In my experience, the most successful teams are built when diverse individuals with unique experiences choose to work together with a single purpose.”
- - - Michael Crothers, President & Country Chair, Shell Canada

“Skills4Good was recommended to us and so we registered our nonprofit. I like working with them because the process was fast and easy. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit sector colleagues.”
- - - Danny Glenwright, Executive Director, Action Against Hunger Canada

“Our partnership with Skills4Good is a unique opportunity for us to develop our talented Equifax leaders while making a difference in the communities in which we live and work.”
- - - Lisa Nelson, President, Equifax Canada

"I give Skills4Good an excellent rating. Their team was incredibly helpful, responsive and encouraging. They didn't rush the match, ensuring I had explored a variety of options to choose the right nonprofit for me. I would highly recommend working with Skills4Good, and think it's such a great non-financial benefit a company can offer their high valued employees. I strongly recommend them to my colleagues at RBC."
- - - Jodi Wright, Director, Strategy and Transformation Services, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

“Skills4Good’s service was excellent in matching our busy Board with interested candidates. They got the ball rolling, did what they said they were going to do, and provided a great candidate who accepted a position with our Board. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.”
- - - Roland Osske, Board Chair, Immigrant Services Calgary

“The quality of the Board Matching Program services I received from Skills4Good was excellent. I liked their personalized service, their online videos and their prompt response times. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Enbridge.”
- - - Laszlo Varsanyi, Vice President, Enbridge

"I rate Skills4Good's matching services as excellent. I liked how prompt their team responds to my inquiries. They are very easy to work with."
- - - Heather Evans, Managing Director, Community Living Ontario Foundation

“Skills4Good’s board matching services were excellent. The program was effective and efficient. Josephine was extremely relatable and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Skills4Good to my LGM colleagues.”
- - - Eddie McWhirter, EVP-Finance, LGM Financial Services

“Skills4Good was very professional and efficient in matching us with great new board members! Their board matching services are excellent! I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.”
- - - Karen MacMillan, Executive Co-Director, Foothills Academy

“I give Skills4Good an excellent rating. They couldn't have made it easier for me to connect with a nonprofit. The online training was fit for purpose and the interviews/questionnaire were instrumental in finding a good fit. I am very happy with my match, which wouldn't have happened without their help. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Julia Stadnyk, Senior Legal Counsel, Shell Canada

“Skills4Good’s services were excellent. Their communication was outstanding - clear, kind, and very punctual. The process was thorough and laid out clearly, which certainly built trust in not only Skills4Good/B3, but in the candidate that was successfully matched with us. I really enjoyed working with them and am very excited that we're welcoming a new board member!”
- - - Joshua Dalledonne, Board President, Calgary Young People's Theatre Society

“I give Skills4Good’s services an excellent rating. I liked working with their team! They were very professional, warm and really cared that I ended up at a nonprofit that not only aligned with my passions, but that was also going to be a good fit with my personality. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at RBC.”
- - - Stephanie Breitman, Senior Credit Analyst, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

”We registered with Skills4Good to try a new recruitment method. The quality of their services was excellent. They had easy-to-use online tools and were very responsive with their feedback. I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.”
- - - Joy Parsons, CEO, Fair Haven Homes Society

”The absolute professionalism, dedication to personal development and the opportunity to learn directly from the Skills4Good team was excellent. It is evident that they’re respected and connected within the industry. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Jamie Beyore, Director Global Wholesale, Shell Canada

”We were in need of quality board members and were having a hard time connecting with the right individuals. The Skills4Good team was very professional. The candidate was well suited. Communication was easy and the process was efficient. I am very happy with their services. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues."
- - - Bill de Jong, Board Director, Janus Academy Society

"I give Skills4Good an excellent rating. Their program worked perfectly for me. I liked how organized and methodical the matching program was. I also liked their team's individual and personalized approach. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Equifax."
- - - Yosh Ubieda, Senior Finance Analyst, Equifax Canada

”We had been looking for some months to add new members to our Board of Directors. Skills4Good’s services were excellent. We liked working with them because of the quality of applicants we received. I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.”
- - - Samantha Fox, Board Chair, London Youth Advisory Council

“I rate Skills4Good’s services as excellent. Everyone was very responsive and helpful. The board volunteer opportunities identified were very much what I was looking for and the Leaders on Board online course was interesting. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Julianne Osberg, Senior Counsel, Shell Canada

“Skills4Good’s professionalism in finding someone for us was unbelievable and made my workload a lot easier as they did the legwork in finding someone. I give them an excellent rating and highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.”
- - - Sarah Preston, Gateway Association

“I liked Skills4Good’s great, very user-friendly online portal interface and excellent nonprofit board governance training. They provided access to many nonprofits without the need to search for them myself. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Alex Markos, Production Manager, Shell Canada

“Skills4Good is a professional organization to work with! Thanks so much for helping us find an amazing person to join our board! I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.”
- - - Kate Butler, Board Director, Hope 24/7

“I give Skills4Good an excellent rating! They invested a lot of time and effort to determine my interests and objectives to ensure a great match. They were very responsive to my feedback throughout the process. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Enbridge!”
- - - Tanya Mushynski, Vice-President, Enbridge 

“I liked Skills4Good’s personalized connections and excellent support they provided our nonprofit. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues. Their services were excellent.”
- - - Rebecca White, CEO, Engineers of Tomorrow

“Skills4Good has the nonprofit connections and methodology in place to first understand what resonated with me professionally and personally. They found the appropriate board contacts to facilitate my placement. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.”
- - - Brody Mainville, Head of Retail, Shell Canada

“We contacted Skills4Good because of their impressive reputation. Their board matching services are excellent! I enjoyed communicating with their team. They made the board matching process very smooth. I have only positive feedback from my experience with Skills4Good!”
- - - Julie Wildgoose, Board Director, Centennial Infant and Child Centre

“Skills4Good’s level of service and professionalism is top-notch. I liked their very high touch service and online board training. They made sure I understood everything and were there for me every step of the way. They really match personal passion to nonprofit. I give them an excellent rating and highly recommend them to my colleagues at LGM.”
- - - Diana Ricketts, VP of Strategic Partnerships, LGM Financial Services

”The communications we received from Skills4Good was terrific. The candidate was a good match to our organization. I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.”
- - - Carlene Chrumka, Executive Director, Janus Academy Society

”The Skills4Good team was very knowledgeable about the working of Boards and areas that would not be known by the more general audience. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Enbridge.”
- - - Christine Neff, Vice President, Enbridge

“I give Skills4Good an excellent rating! Their matching process was spot on to connect applicants with the experience and interest to our nonprofit board. This is a great service to match volunteers with the right skill sets for boards. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.”
- - - Pam Banks, Executive Director, RIC Centre

Quotation Mark
Skills4Good. Strategic Partners.

Our Strategic Partners

Canada Helps

CanadaHelps is a nonprofit serving Canadian charities and donors. They increase charitable giving across Canada by making it easier to donate and fundraise online. Because CanadaHelps is a charity, their fees are a fraction of for-profit alternatives, making donation dollars go further.


The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) is a member-based nonprofit organization founded in 2002 in Edmonton, AB. They serve the nonprofit and charitable organizations in the Alberta Capital Region.


The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) is the provincial network for approximately 55,000 nonprofit organizations across Ontario. As a 7,000-strong provincial network, ONN brings diverse voices of the sector to government, funders and business to create and influence systemic change.


The Volunteer Centre of Calgary (Propellus) has been supporting volunteers and volunteerism within the communities of Calgary for over 62 years. It strongly believes that volunteering is essential to creating and sustaining healthy, supportive and connected communities.

Sustainabilty Network

The Sustainability Network is a national organization that works with environmental nonprofits to make them more effective and efficient. Their mission is to enrich environmental leaders and nonprofit organizations so that they can help us all achieve sustainability.

Vantage Point

Founded in 1943 as Volunteer Vancouver, Vantage Point delivers learning opportunities focused on governance, leadership, planning and people engagement for new and seasoned sector leaders, board directors and managers, aimed at advancing nonprofit leadership.

Women Get On Board

Women Get on Board is a leading member-based company that connects, promotes and empowers women to corporate boards. They do this through an engaged community of women and men in Canada committed to advancing gender diversity in the boardroom.

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